April 19th, 2017 Song of the day: Khalid – Location

Doubt this will become a regular thing, but I might as well try doing this. This song is amazing, Khalid’s voice is so heavenly. The perfect summer song, can’t wait to put together my summer playlist this year.  Also has such a great sing-a-long chorus:
“Send me your location, let’s
Focus on communicating
‘Cause I just need the time and place to come through (place to come through)
Send me your location
Let’s ride the vibrations
I don’t need nothing else but you”

Anyways, to continue on with the point of this post the word of the day is communication. More importantly, the significance of communication. In relationships communication is key, successfully conveying your feelings and ideas to your significant other is the foundation of a relationship. Without a secure line of communication your relationship is damaged from the start and risks falling apart. There are 3 main types of communication: spoken/verbal, non-verbal and written communication. In today’s society we heavily rely on written communication. Everything is done by texting and e-mailing, surprisingly this was a big upgrade from our letter writing days(which still seems to hold a very strong romantic gesture in today’s era). A lot of couples prefer spoken and verbal communication over written communication, facetime(video-camming via phone) and late night telephone calls close the distance in a relationship. The most underrated form of communication is non-verbal; body language, gestures, how we act or dress and even our scent is very important. Letting our partner know what type of mood we are in can change the whole atmosphere and the way your partner acts around you. It’s important to take into consideration another person’s feelings and if you express yourself in a manner that lets your partner know you aren’t happy they can adjust themselves to help you out. Remember a relationship requires two people, you both have to be willing to sacrifice and put forth effort for the sake of your significant other. Giving somebody everything goes a long way in a relationship.


what the fuck was i expecting? it certainly wasn’t this. What happened to ‘the’ thread? You know, THE thread. The place where we went to vent random things in our lives, it was basically our blog thread. We were all getting pretty close, helping eachother with our problems and shit. It was a dying forum and in a sense we were helping it to stay alive. I wish it didn’t go down the way it did, i wish everyone came back. But it won’t be like that. It’ll never be the same, rip sleepywood.

i don’t know why i’m writing this to be honest, maybe because reading through the thread in itself was pretty nostalgic. I hate nostalgia, i mean its nice remembering the good times but then you realize you’ll never have that moment again or anything similar to that feel again. Well, lets begin.

I joined Nexonkiller previous to GK but i wasn’t really into the whole ‘community’ thing. I just wanted to hack in maplestory. My name on NK was ‘Sibiou’ i use it for most games and forums, i didnt visit daily because i wasn’t really attracted to the site as a forum. I was more into other forums at the time and i was only there for the ‘wicked’ hacks. Before i knew it, NK went down and here grew GK. I joined GK as ‘Cream’. In August 2009, shit its been a long time since then huh? I was really active in maple general, casually getting my forum post count up. At first i was just getting it up so i could go to the blackmarket section, where i had my first successful trade thanks to @logicalmale almost 2 months after i joined. At this time, i also began going into spamzilla. It seemed fun and it was particularly active. It seemed like everyone was a dick, so it was funny to read the threads. Most were immature and retarded, but i still visited it every so often. I found myself always going to spamzilla and clicking refresh to read the arguments there. It was so fucking dumb lol. Anyways, i remember spamming maplestory general, helping people and making friends and whatnot. Shit, i think @pimpchimp ended up sending me a picture of me posting all over maple general.

Anyways, i kept up with spamzilla drama ever so often and i continued spamming maple general. irwin drama was lulz. Anyways, it was approaching the beginning of 2011 when i started talking to hardkore about anime. At this time i was considered a ‘weaaboo’ around on spamzilla. didn’t bother me, i was a fan of japan and their culture so whatever. I talked to hardkore a lot about anime and since i was active and liked it he talked to me about becoming a linker. I didn’t see anything wrong with it, so i became one. Its not hard, you don’t really have a responsibility either. All you are is a tool that no one uses. You find links of anime episodes and post them, no big deal. Quick and easy, just time consuming and not even a lot of time. I began talking to him lots, not sucking his dick just being a friend.

As time went on, i was a linker and i linked. I went on my sprees of being active and being inactive. During a time where i was super active i remember there was a list about ‘how much you posted this month’ and me and andrew battled it out for so long. Not even sure why, it was pretty dumb now that i think about it.

Anyways, a couple months pass and i found out who @FuglyV69 was on another forum. He happened to post the same thing on both forums, funny as fuck realizing who he actually was. Cool kid, real cool kid. He got perma banned on the other forum, looks like he did on this one too. I ended up trying to pass his message to the other forum mod and i got banned for that. Oh well. If you made a second account here or there, hit me up. Seems like the other forum is being re’vamped’ and shit. Seems like it’ll be worth going back to. People miss you there brobrobro.

I found out @lychee was a fan of Miyazaki, someone i’ve loved for quite some time. Huge fan of his directing

I went through a phase where i was trying to be a huge dick to everyone because i saw near do it so many times, now that i look back its kinda funny. I was so try hard. I’ve had my fair share of arguments in spamzilla most that i lost but you know, once you lose you never read that thread again.

blah blah blah, skip to the more recent GK. I ended up quitting linker, it was boring and all the cool people either quit or got booted. It seemed like i was the only person of the older generation to still be one so i threw in the towel. Around this time everyone was spamming about the HK drama. I didn’t bother paying much attention to it, i thought it was retarded too and i was sorta his friend still. Hardkore always wanted me to be a mod, i had the chance but i didn’t post what i still happen to have in a notepad about how to make this site better. I don’t talk to him anymore, well , he doesn’t talk to me. I tried a few times, i’m always on msn if you’re reading this hk. We should definitely catch up or something bro.

i ended up posting a lot in the threads ‘Promotion discussion’ and ‘staff member critique’. Those threads were fucking dumb, they always got derailed and any possible problems that approached were about personal problems between the members and staff or promoting their fucking friends. Haven’t visited those threads in so long, i just got discouraged. Those threads lost its creativity and to be honest, humor. It was cute while it lasted though.

Well yeah, there was a couple tumblr threads a while back. I decided to make one and ended up following a few people from here. Two who were really fucking chill. That’d be tolu and daman. Tolu is one funny motherfucker, too bad we haven’t talked in a while. Same with daman, didn’t even know who you were on GK until recently. Hope you’re still having fun on league, since we never exchanged igns and shit. @memoriam @illicitness

Skip even further, i met some pretty chill recently. There was a thread in spamzilla about playing maplestory again, i laughed at first. But started remembering my childhood being full of maplestory haha. So i joined in on the fun. It was fun at first, we were doing pretty good and were semi-active. @helvetica some how knew of my past, which was weird considering i wasn’t really a noteable person in the past, considering i name changed from cream-> crucial. Hes a pretty chill guy, we played and talked for a while. I also met @exhilerated who really sucked at maplestory lololol. Anyways, there was a few people in that guild that i remember talking to for a bit. It was nice playing maplestory again,thanks bros.

I also met @jamie around this time, real chill nigga. Has that #1 taste in music, i added you on msn a while back or you added me and we never talked. I never see you on, but yeah; should message me some time bro. Meet up and shit, i’m kidding.

There are a lot of you who made this forum different and particularly funny. The drama was fun while it lasted too, i hope you guys continue to visit here or at least come in to check in. I mean, i’m currently on one of my ‘active’ sprees but soon i’ll disappear and forget about you guys for a bit. I just hope you guys will remember one day to check in on us, because chances are we won’t forget about you.

good shit gk, good shit.